Mapping Independence - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #5

Historians and gamers alike have a rich love of maps. The depth of visual information available in a good map cannot be overstated. It can fire our imaginations and quickly clarify hundreds of words of text. A map is both summary and starting point.

Historical Easter Eggs - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #4

Long ago, I explained our use of alternate history as a form of social justice - specifically, that we can employ it as sort of a "fix fic" for real history. We can imagine what a world might be like without some of the injustices that really occurred, although that often means that other injustices do end up taking their place. (People are people, it turns out.) Nevertheless, this idea of imagining a history that could have been - by dialing down the success of European colonialism just a bit - is one of the core philosophies behind the Steamscapes setting. It is absolutely essential to our approach to Asian alternate history.

Steamscapes: Asia Project Soundtrack

Long-term projects deserve a soundtrack. It helps inspire you and it puts you in a positive frame of mind for working on the project. Because Steamscapes: Asia will involve collaboration with more people than our previous projects, I thought I would create a soundtrack that could be shared. And then I thought - Why not share it with everyone? Part of the goal of our Kickstarter is to create a community, and nothing brings a community together quite like music. With that in mind, I would like to share with you the Steamscapes: Asia playlist:


Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 9 - Gunsmithing Rules in Action

Rather than tease small portions of the gunsmithing rules, we would like to give an example of how they work in actual play. What follows is a summary of the point-based construction of a weapon familiar to everyone who plays Savage Worlds: The Colt Peacemaker. (Note that this is not an assumption of how the original Savage Worlds: Deluxe rules were balanced. It is a reconstruction of a known weapon using the new weapon customization rules.) There will be many steps that are explained in the Gunslinger's Guide itself, but you can see them hinted in how they play out here.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 8 - History of Gunsmithing

In addition to the histories of people and places, the Gunslinger's Guide includes a very important section on the history of gun-making. This section has been written by our guest writer for the Guide, Richard Gilbert. Richard is an expert in stage combat and violence design. He has worked as a stuntman and fight choreographer for many years, and is also an avid gamer who has been part of the Steamscapes playtest from the beginning.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 5 - Bass Reeves

Now that you have seen the cover, you may have realized that the Steamscapes crew is particularly fond of Bass Reeves. If you haven't heard of this lawman (and probable source for the Lone Ranger stories) we heartily recommend you spend some time acquainting yourself with his accomplishments.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 3 - Choctaw Lighthorsemen

When we discuss Gunslingers and their professions, we must also discuss the places where they gather. Law enforcement organizations commonly collect Gunslingers from around the region. Many nations employ the most elite to police the widest jurisdictions with a federal mandate. In the Plains Tribal Federation, those Gunslingers comprise the Choctaw Lighthorsemen.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 2 - Tiburcio Vasquez

The term "Gunslinger" of course covers many different professions, and we would be guilty of serious omission if we failed to mention the outlaws as well as the lawful Gunslingers. However, not every wanted criminal is as despised by the public as by the law. Some figures are more romantic, more storied, and more controversial. One such man is Tiburcio Vasquez, a horse rustler who many consider to be a 19th-century Robin Hood.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 1 - Stagecoach Mary Fields

In the upcoming Gunslinger's Guide, we are including a number of prominent historical examples of gunslingers from 1871 North America. In doing so, we hope to accomplish a number of things. We want to offer some examples of NPCs for gamemasters and players to use in their own campaigns, we want to give players who are choosing the Gunslinger profession a variety of choices as to how their character might interact with the Steamscapes world, and we want to invite readers to explore the real history surrounding some figures who are not well known but very much worth spotlighting.


Teaser 21 - History of the American Consolidated Union

In honor of Independence Day this week, we wanted to present some history from the Atlantic colonies that eventually become the American Consolidated Union. In the Steamscapes world, there is no Independence per se, but there is still cause to celebrate this week. From the book:


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